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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Man Purse? More like why are you carrying that purse, man?

Girlfriend: Carry my bag please.
Boyfriend: Sorry, no.
Girlfriend: Excuse me?
Boyfriend: Okay.

Left: Girlfriend wants you to hold her bag while you take her picture=acceptable.
Right: Girlfriend wants you to hold her (hot pink) bag (with a miniature doll hanging on it) in front of a stadium worth of people=unacceptable.

Tourist Girlfriend: Honey, will you carry my purse?
Tourist Boyfriend: Why babe?
Tourist Girlfriend: It's too heavy and we have so much farther to walk to get to the Empire State building.
Tourist Boyfriend: No prob. (Thinking people will think he's such a nice guy.)
New Yorker who took the picture: Retarded tourist. Bitch, pack lighter. Douche, stop being douchey.

I give up. This one is a multiple choice time:
A. Boyfriend with his own bag, carrying girlfriend's flashy bag.
B. Boyfriend carrying two of his girlfriend's bags.
C. Two boyfriends...what?

Seriously though, if I ever ask my boyfriend to hold my purse it's literally to hold it for a second while I...wait, I don't ask him to hold my purse because that shit is my responsibility.

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  1. Hi :)
    Oh God, I just wrote the same thing. You can read it here if you want
    This is so true. My bag, my shit, I'll handle it. I just don't understand that... >.< If I ever do this to a guy (except when I'm taking a picture or tying my shoes), I'll be fine with a break-up ;)